Business Name
Urdee Bs
This will allow you to add your business name on your contract

This will display your currency symbol on your contract

Mailing Address

This is the client's mailing address and can use HTML.

Client Name

This is the client or company name the contract is for.

Client Email Address

This is the client's email address and notifications are sent to this email if you select it in the default options.

Project Name

This is the name of the project.

Contract Amount
This is the total cost of the contract. It can be used with the monthly or remaining balance shortcodes we have below.

Hourly Rate
This is the amount you charge per hour.

Due Date
This is the date the project is to be completed by.

Payment Schedule
This is the schedule the payments will be made on if not using monthly below. This is to be setup like 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4.

Signed By

This is the name of the person that created the contract or that needs to sign on your company's behalf. This will be the name that is added to the contract with the signature font if you use the .signedby class in your template.

Signed On

This is the date that your representative signed the contract.

Monthly Amount
This shortcode displays the amount the contract will be if it is paid monthly.

Balance if paid based on the payment schedule
This shortcode displays the remaining balance and how it should be paid if you not are using the monthly option. It will tell your client what they need to pay now and how they should pay it over your schedule.

Please sign using a stylus, your mouse, or your finger below to authorize this contract. By electronically signing this document, you agree to the terms established above. After the document is signed, you can proceed to print it.